Have you been thinking about improving your sewing space or perhaps just straightening it up a bit? Sometimes one small change can make a big difference. Consider the height of your sewing machine — do you get muscle aches from holding your elbows up? Your elbows should hang down at your side and your forearm should form an L to your hands. If this angle is uncomfortable, consider lowering your machine table or getting a chair that you can raise up.

Here are some things to consider for your sewing space:

Good height and size sewing table, cutting table, and chair
Storage for fabric organized by project, colors, type, or size

  • Do you have a favorite way to fold fabric?
  • Do you have a way to designate fabrics that are prewashed?

Storage for thread organized by type or color
Storage for notions
Good lighting
An ironing surface — rectangular is better than an ironing board
A design wall
A bookshelf at a height where you can read the book spines
A closet or rack for batting, fusible products, pillow forms, etc.
A way to store or hang various rulers, cutting tools and mats.
Things that inspire you — signs, photographs, quilts, a window with a view
And some items that you might not consider —

  • a flashlight and/or magnet for finding the needle that you dropped
  • lint roller
  • tweezers
  • paper or whiteboard for doodling
  • graph paper
  • zip lock bags

For information on workstation comfort (also applies to sewing station comfort) click here.

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